A worldwide seismic educational network

Tuned into Earth !

Since 90s, from differents countries, educational seismic networks arised. First, the cost of seismometers was a brake to start and increase these networks. Today, low cost and operational seismic stations are available. They are deployed to propose seismic data to teachers community in order to :

Hereafter are displayed some of these national educational seismic networks.

Insegnaci ETNA : the seismic network around the Etna Volcano Insegnaci Etna !
The Portuguses network operated by the Dom Luiz Institure : Sismologia na Escola.
The SISMOS à l'Ecole network operated by the French ministerial structure Sciences à l'Ecole.
EDUSEIS Guadeloupe : The guadeloupean network founded by the Direction de l'Environnement, de l'Aménagement et du Logement through the Plan Séisme Antilles, network co-animated by the DEAL dela gudeloupe, the Académie de Guadeloupe and EduMed-Obs.
EduSismoHaïti : The haitian educational operated by the Collège Catts Pressoir, founded by the French Ambassy in Ayiti.